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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 I'm amazed at how much our little one loves this toy. She gets 10-15 minutes a day (our doc said to only use jumpers about 15 minutes per day so it doesn't become a replacement for practice walking) and she's in heaven. They did a nice job designing it as she plays with every toy and doesn't seem to get bored and her favorites change weekly. The music it plays is higher quality than expected. To me, most baby toy music drives me insane in the head. But I'm able to tolerate this one, sometimes it is even nice. It seems well made as all the pieces are firm and nothing has broken yet.

This has reduced the price. They offer free delivery. I would close it out. 
Product Features

  • Seat swivels 360 degrees
  • It has six point height adjustments
  • Padded toy bars and covered springs for added safety
  • Ten links to attach more of baby's favorite toys 

Product Specifications

Product Information
Model number: 30917
Batteries required: Yes
Battery type: 3 C

There are baby bouncers, and there are activity centers -- and then, there's the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumper , which combines both concepts in one fun, convenient, and economical toy. Babies ages 4 months and up, under 25 pounds, will enjoy bouncing with their legs and swiveling in their seats to play with a variety of developmentally challenging activities

Innovative Variety of Developmental Activities
The  Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper sports a cheerful, primary-color palette that's eye-catching and suitable for boys or girls. It stands on a base, with the infant bucket seat attached to two arches by adjustable, spring-loaded straps. When baby is placed in the seat, he can kick off the ground with his legs to bounce up and down. This provides vital exercise for a youngster's legs, helping to prepare him for walking. The six-point height adjustment lets it grow with your infant, while non-skid feet and fabric-covered springs keep baby safe.Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumper

Help Your Little One Get Stronger
Babies love bouncing. Not only is it exciting for a baby to move himself with the power of his own legs, but it gives him satisfying, and vital, exercise that helps prepare him for standing and walking. The higher and harder that baby bounces in the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, the more the toys will rattle and shake -- making it even more exciting and fun. And with the added benefit of a rotating seat, which baby operates by pushing off the ground with his feet, your infant gets even more leg coordination practice in a safe, secure place. We especially enjoy the versatility of this 2-for-1 toy -- and it's safer than an infant walker.Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumpe

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